Making unforgettable experiences a reality for children whilst building a dedicated MOAM retreat by 2027.

Our Mission

Provide children with unforgettable experiences when time is precious.

Mates on a Mission provide terminally ill children and their families with unforgettable experiences. We do this through International holidays, local getaways and other experiences all tailored to the interest and dreams of each child.

Through our network of mates, we work closely with children and their families across their entire journey. Our aim is for families to leave reality behind, cherish their time together and create lasting memories.

Our Vision

Make these unforgettable experiences a reality for more children and building a dedicated MOAM retreat by 2027.

With the help of our network of mates, partners and supporters, we will continue to create lasting memories for more children and their families through curated experiences and close relationships.

Our aspiration is to build a retreat that our families can access at a moments notice, a MOAM ‘home away from home’.

Our families tell us the best memories are made when they can escape their reality and feel like children and parents again rather than children and carers. Our MOAM getaway will be designed with this in mind to ensure each family can create the unforgettable experiences they desperately cherish.

Our Experiences

Unthinkable Holidays

Whether it be overseas or local we aim to fulfil the dreams of the children we care for. Something they never thought was possible turned from a dream into a reality.

Escapes From The Everyday

When the everyday gets too much we have access to MOAM getaways through our generous supporters. Weekend getaways to forget about treatments and instead be children not children.

Random Acts Of Kindness

Through our close relationships with the families we aim to make the smaller moments matter. Whether that be around treatments, birthdays or holiday celebrations.