Be A Mate for a dollar a day and join us on our mission of creating lasting memory for families.

How You Can Help

So what is it that many of these families crave? They just want time – valuable time with their loved ones to make valuable, lasting memories.

Our intention is to send one family away each month on a holiday to spend some much-needed quality time together. It is here they will be able to build a chest of memories with their most precious treasure of all – their child. These could be local or overseas holidays.  The choice is undoubtedly theirs.

The families considered for these holidays will come from our Community of Mates which will then be evaluated by the MOAM board – this has and will always be an emotional and difficult decision for the MOAM board. Sadly we receive many applications via the “apply now” link on our website. We are continually talking with families to see how best we can provide a wonderful experience and making memories that they will always remember.

That’s our pledge, that MOAM is giving back to our community, to you!

Unfortunately flight travel is not an option for some, they are restricted by the medical support service they need. Acknowledging this simple fact that families may not be able to travel great distances, our vision it seemed, needed a longer term plan … a retreat. A place for these families to spend precious time together. This plan that can only be realised with the support of our Community of Mates.

Our long-term vision, our ultimate goal is to purchase a parcel of land – ideally 2-3 hours from Sydney – and develop a retreat for families with children who are suffering with life-threatening illnesses to escape from their day to day grind in a peaceful and serene environment.

A place where they can just be a kid. A place they can play. Ride a bike. Walk around in the open. Or just even sit and capture a glimpse of the natural environment.

A place they can look at the stars and tell stories. A place they can interact with farm animals. Even pick strawberries.

A place where they can forget, for just a moment, the daily struggles of life, that continuously face these families.

MOAM will not forget these families from our Community.

We want this to be a place where memories are not only sewn, but woven into the conscience of all those families, so in that instant they are able to forget their pain, and spend some much needed quality time together…memories that will remain with them forever.