The essence of the charity, and the sense of mateship, lies in how closely the founders work with families and support them through their entire journey.

Our Story

Eighteen years ago three aussie blokes were playing golf and through a simple conversation, made a commitment. A commitment, underpinned by mateship.

Neither Steve, George nor Charlie had kids at that point, just a shared experience of an upbringing filled with good health, a strong sense of family and an abundant network of mates.

They had an overwhelming sense they could contribute more – and that’s exactly what they set out to do.

What started as one round of golf between three mates developed into an annual christmas event of over 100. The initial proceeds were donated to charities like Youth off the Streets and Save our Sons. They delivered christmas presents to children, built playgrounds and provided essentials like laptops and wheelchairs.

In 2008 they knew they could do more so they set up their own charity, ‘Mates on a Mission’ (MOAM). The MOAM DNA is centred around mateship and the power of a network of mates coming together to achieve something great. It’s incredibly powerful to see ‘the mates’ rally around each family.

Mates on a Mission has a clear purpose to provide children suffering from a life threatening illness with unforgettable experiences. Where children and their families can leave reality behind, cherish their time together and create lasting memories.

MOAM continue to run the annual christmas golf day as well as a gala ball and other events. They are
supported by an expanding network of mates through the ‘Be a Mate’ program as well as corporate sponsors, celebrities and ambassadors.

The three founders (or the ‘founding mates’ as we call them), now have the aspiration to build a dedicated MOAM retreat for families to escape their reality by 2027. Meet our founding mates:

George Katrib


“This Charity is close to my heart because it reminds me every day how fortunate I am that I have a healthy family. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of what is important in life, to block out all the noise and enjoy & appreciate the simple moments in life with loved ones. I truly feel blessed to be a founder of this charity, and am able to give back in some small way.”

Steve Boukaram


"MOAM has been a way for many of those around us to support those in a time of need where a positive difference can be made. To see the memories we’ve been able to make through that support continues to drive me to want to see the charity grow and make even more memories that will last forever.”

Charlie Haddad


“Time spent away from work and family thinking of how to help those less fortunate makes me realise how lucky how I am and how time is valuable. Initially we started the charity as a way of giving back something little, but as time has passed and we have become older, we have realised how lucky we have been and now we want to grow the charity to do bigger things and help more people.”

Sam Safi

Board Member

“We are all limited by how much time we have – and in the end what have we done in that time to show for it…what difference did we make with our time. I certainly think it’s important to make a positive impact on those who are less fortunate. This amazing charity does not focus on cures – there are many other wonderful charities doing great work in that space. Mates On A Mission supports those families who need our help now…the time they have is limited, so we must help them without delay.”

Charles Simon

Board Member