Meet Rani

Rani is a very medically complicated child; she is under the care of numerous teams. Along with her brain injury, Rani suffers from cerebral palsy, seizures & global development delays. Her medical care is now palliative, focusing on comfort, therapy and quality of life.

Age: 5 Years Old

Been A Mate: 2 Year/s

Favourite Game: Her Swing

Rani Loves: Water, Music and Books

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Rani’s medical challenges have impacted her entire family, as hospital visits are becoming more frequent and their day to day lives are focused on keeping Rani safe and comfortable,  Rani’s 6-year-old sister Millie is missing out on a normal childhood, and her parents Stephanie & Rogan are struggling emotionally, mentally and financially.

Rani & her family would like to get to New Zealand to visit her Dad’s family, however, Rani is not currently well enough to travel.  Mates on a Mission have gifted Rani a photoshoot with her family, an opportunity to make wonderful memories they can hold onto forever.  MOAM would like to continue to support Rani and her family and hope that Rani becomes well enough to make her New Zealand family holiday a reality.

Helping Mates

MOAM would like to help Rani achieve their dream. Click below if you would like to contribute to Rani and their family. Alternatively, for $1 per day you can help Rani and other children realise their dreams and also contribute to the MOAM retreat. Please donate today and Become a Mate.


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