Meet Braith

Braith suffers from Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Diagnosed at birth, Braith has endured many challenges through the years. He is confined to a wheel chair and is non-verbal yet shows resilience and a true love for life. He has an awesome sense of humour and loves being out and about.

Age: 17 Years Old

Been A Mate: 2 Year/s

Favourite Movies: Marvel

Braith Loves: Music

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Mates on a Mission are gifting Braith, his parents Tony & Kellie and his brothers Max and Harry, a holiday to Canberra. The Wall family are from regional NSW and Canberra is a destination Braith and his brothers have always wanted to visit. We hope the family enjoys quality time together and make amazing memories.

Mates on a Mission would like to continue supporting Braith and his family, giving them more opportunities to create memories they will cherish forever.

Helping Mates

MOAM would like to help Braith achieve their dream. Click below if you would like to contribute to Braith and their family. Alternatively, for $1 per day you can help Braith and other children realise their dreams and also contribute to the MOAM retreat. Please donate today and Become a Mate.


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