Meet Angelina

Angelina has been diagnosed with Lafora disease, a brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures and a decline in intellectual function. There is no cure for Angelina’s condition and the only treatment is to manage symptoms.

Age: 20 Years Old

Been A Mate: 3 Year/s

Favourite Singer: Dua Lipa

Angelina Loves: Dancing & Fashion

Share Angelina’s Story:

Angelina’s twenty one year old sister Trevi and twelve year old step sister Angelysa are her biggest supporters.  They share in her love for music, singing and dancing, and spoil her with her other favourites – makeup and fashion.

Angelina’s wish is to go to Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, QLD, a holiday which was once an annual event, was made a reality by MOAM.  Angelina was given the opportunity to enjoy quality time with her extended family, making beautiful memories and experiencing an annual family tradition which she has longed for.

Mates on a Mission would like to continue supporting Angelina and her family to create memories they will cherish forever.

Helping Mates

MOAM would like to help Angelina achieve their dream. Click below if you would like to contribute to Angelina and their family. Alternatively, for $1 per day you can help Angelina and other children realise their dreams and also contribute to the MOAM retreat. Please donate today and Become a Mate.


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