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At Mates On A Mission, we are passionate about making memories for families of terminally ill children.


Our way of doing this, is through international holidays and local getaways. By sending families on unforgettable trips, sick children are able to remember how to be a child again while at the same time creating lasting memories for them and their families.


When sick children’s memories begin to fill with medical and hospital visits, it is important that positive memories are being made too. During these times it’s also important to remember the families and the emotional hardships that they are facing. To create lasting positive memories is important to us all.



MOAM want to give families of terminally ill children the gift of quality time. We want to provide families with memorable experiences when life becomes the essence of time. We want the holidays we send these terminally ill children on, with their families, to be an escape from their reality, where they do not count the days – but rather make the days count.



We are honest and trust is at our core.


We act with empathy and genuinely care about the community.


We are a diverse group of friends working together to make a difference.


We are open about who we are, what we do and the way we act within the community

Who we’ve helped

Where We’ve Been

In the past, Mates On A Mission worked to achieve random acts of kindness for the community.


In 2002 a group of mates organised a Christmas Eve Golf Day and Mates On A Mission was born. Mates On A Mission started supporting numerous charity groups and organisations including Fr Chris Riley’s ‘Youth Off The Street’, The Red Cross, The Sydney Childrens Hospital and many other important causes. We have supported numerous schools through the funding for the building of sensory playgrounds and gardens for special needs children as well as the purchase of vital equipment for these children. We also funded the purchase of 15 laptops for Eden College which provides education to disadvantaged teenagers who cannot attend mainstream schools.


In 2012, through our annual Gala Event we were able to raise funds to purchase two Radio Frequency Puncture Systems for Westmead Childrens Hospital, which till today continue to help save childrens lives.


To date the annual Mates On A Mission Christmas Eve Golf Day continues to support our community through acts of kindness.

Meet our team

Who we are


``I'm extremely proud of MOAM and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of others. I am constantly humbled by the fantastic support we receive``

George Katrib


``Mates On A Mission is something I'm extremely proud of! I'm humbled by the support we receive at every event. The emotion of seeing the difference we make in the lives of so many less fortunate than ourselves, continues to give me the drive and passion to do what we do.``

Steve Boukaram


``Mates On A Mission makes me realise just how lucky I am. Living a healthy and successful life, with a wonderful family is not something I take for granted. Helping children, especially those in need, is something that I love doing, as is being able to give back to the community.``

Charlie Haddad


Nancy Estephan

Operations Manager

Sam Safi

Board Member

Lauren Melia

Social Media Manager and Admin Assistant

Jennifer Khoury

Board Member

Michael Sleimam

Board Member

Charles Simon

Board Member